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Luke Sutton and Timothy Smith AKA Pardon My French (PMF) are Bristol based DJ’s who have a definitive love for house music, especially when its with a disco edge… As well as running their own night in Bristol, Luke and Tim also have a residency at Kiss FM and have been booked to play at clubs and festivals around the Country. We caught up with the duo to see how they ended their 2012 and what was next in line for them as 2013 comes into play.


We know you’re not actually French, so first of all, where did the name come from?

Luke: It all stemmed from the name of our show on the uni radio Hub Radio in Bristol

Tim: We landed the show over three years back, before we actually had a name for it and one of our main concerns was keeping filthy language to a minimum. So with that in mind, that turn of phrase popped into our heads. And we liked the thought of it not making any sense to people. Especially if you’re French.

Luke: …or English

When you’re not off spinning records on the night, what occupies you during the day?

L: Enforcing the daily 4pm techno o’clock rule in the Crack Magazine office.

T: Tidying my room and drinking orange squash.

We’ve been hearing about your Pardon My Friends night which you run in Bristol. How did this come along?

T: We had been doing a night at another venue call Club Cosmique booking really great names that we loved. That kind of came to the end of it’s tether and we were offered a slot at the Bank of Stokes Croft which is a great late night bar. We wanted to strip back all the pretension of running a dance night and just wanted to have fun with no real pressure of seeing acts but enjoying a music with your friends – Hence the name. To make it friendlier, we thought we’d hand out free cheese and baguettes like it was a gathering. Then we just got our friends to come a DJ with us. So good music was like an added bonus rather than the main focus.

You’ve recently been involved with two important events – Crack Christmas Party and Pardon My Christmas. How did these turn out for you?

L: The Crack night was ace. Great bands followed by a three-hour education in disco by the Horse Meat chaps. We were lucky enough to have the final slot at the Crackmas party (3-4). We finished with the full ten minutes of Pyramid’s by Frank Ocean. That was fun. It should be on our Soundcloud by the time this interview goes out.

T: Pardon My Xmas was wicked too. Our friend Dickon from Odd Socks Records which is based in Berlin came and played. George Michael & spin backs. Need we say more.

B.Y.O.C… Did anybody actually do that at Pardon My Christmas?

T: No they did not.

L: The C being the cheese.


Looks like you’ve been doing pretty well on the club night front, but on the festival front we’ve seen you’ve played at the likes of Farr Festival, Farmfestival and even Glastonbury! How did these turn out and which festival has been your favourite to play at?

T: standard, obvious answer ‘they’re all good in their own way’. But yeah we’ve been lucky enough to play at a few. Glastonbury was obviously surreal. We played a few times across the weekend including the infamous NYC Downlow.

L: Farr Festival was wicked last year, we played in a yurt. We’ll be returning again this year with some very special plans.

Do you prefer playing club nights or at festivals?

L: Probably festivals, there’s just something about playing outside that’s pretty great.

You’ve been snapped up for a residency with KISS FM. How long have you been broadcasting your show for?

L: It’s been going out since middle of October I think. I’d like think it’s become the soundtrack of taxi drivers nationwide between the hours of 1am and 2am on a Friday night.

Do you find preparing and playing a radio show any different to preparing and playing a set to a live crowd?

L: With radio, we have an hour, we decide a general vibe each week and stick to that (usually). We bring about 6 tracks each and mix it live on a pair of decks.

T: With the Kiss Show, I generally try and bring some recent releases into it. Playing out is all about what you see in front of you. With both radio show it’s always important to give people something they don’t usually hear in clubs which we are totally comfortable with.

For 2013, is there anything you’ve got set in the pipeline that people should keep an eye out for?

T: Muttonchops are going to come back in a big way in 2013. As will Cuban cigars.

L: PMF wise, sand and snow, and mud, and carpet.

You can next catch Pardon My French playing alongside Simian Mobile Disco at Moles, Bath on Saturday 12th January. But for now, here is their latest show from Kiss FM which was recorded live from The Nest, London for the Crack Magazine Christmas bash alongside with Horse Meat Disco.

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