dollop NYE Nottingham 2012

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New Year’s Eve, a night where people all over the world set their hopes ride high and anticipate the best night  yet this year if not their lives. A night that can be and so often is a huge let down. Surely dollop would be an exception though? Boasting a line up brimming with some of the biggest names in music at the moment such as Julio Bashmore and Miguel Campbell, the Nottingham dollop line up was without doubt one of the best New Year’s options in the country.


11pm saw a noisy and colourful queue into Rock City stretching half way down the road where an array of interesting haircuts waited eagerly to accompany Julio Bashmore in seeing his New Year through. It’s one of the very few nights where people were keen to arrive before clock struck midnight – it would just be wrong to miss the countdown wouldn’t it? It also helps when you have the incentive of Bashmore’s into the valley remix thumping from built up stacks of Funktion One speakers. Bashmore was on top form and gave the crowd all of the massive anthems they were desperate to hear… Au Seve, sending the crowd berserk. When it came to the countdown he raised a champagne glass to us all and we returned the compliment via shouts, screams and salutes. No gong sounded, but in compensation our ears were greeted with some classic disco with Chic’s le Freak.

Next the effortlessly cool Miguel Campbell located in the upstairs room of Stealth brought things down to a slightly lower tempo with some disco house and the crowd were lapping up tunes such as his edit of Matt Hughes Don’t Cry. Cheers and screams sounded from the crowd as the vocals from Something Special started to creep in and not before long you could barely hear the track at all due to singing from everyone in the venue, what an incredible atmosphere!

With a tough act to follow came Waze & Odyssey. A relatively upcoming duo whose re-work of Bump n Grind by R Kelly has sent ripples through the music industry. 2am and Waze & Odyssey we’re storming through their set with a no holds barred policy, proving to the crowd that they’re a force to be reckoned with. Tracks such as Feels Good and I Can’t Hear You (Dance) are great evidence of that.

waze & odyssey

Meanwhile over in Rock City Oneman was making his way through his usual nostalgia filled set list. He rounded things off with a Joy Division track and along with many of the other anthems played. The crowd were then immediately snapped back in to 2013 by Duke Dumont, one of the biggest emerging artists from 2012. His track The Giver was arguably one of the songs of the year. A relentless from start to finish and the thumping bass from songs such as Thunder clap and his remix of Aluna George’s Your Drums Your Love the crowd were sent into a mad frenzy.

As my first pumping arms felt drained and my legs weak I made the final switch of venue over to Rescue Rooms to see Mele who I have always been a fan of. His transitions from song to song were flawless and at times you find yourself forgetting to dance due to gazing in awe at him mixing about ten tracks in as many minutes! It was getting towards the end of the night and just about every song played was met with roaring approval from the crowd. His style is similar to Oneman in the way that he switches from old school classics to massive modern day tracks so frequently. Some of the highlights of his set were Mr Spock by Justin Martin & Ardalan and also I Got 5 on it by Luniz which would still probably be greeted with cheers if it was someone’s ringtone in the cinema.


So was New Year’s eve an anti-climax? Was it not quite as good as I was hoping? Am I now downbeat and pessimistic about what 2013 has to offer? The answer would have to be a very resounding no to all of the above. With such a diverse line-up I think that you’d be hard pressed to find anyone who wouldn’t have had a memorable night, there was even a silent disco in the Rock City basement for those who didn’t have the energy to switch venue and rather switch a switch instead. If you missed out on the dollop NYE, then you’re in luck as their Everywhere Festival taking place on the 5th May across multiple venues with again multiple headliners. dollop are seeming like a party brand to be with a force to be reckoned with and I’m sure they’ll be onto big things in 2013.