Waze & Odyssey – Be Right There


Waze & Odyssey (ones to watch for 2013) will be seeing a new release on Kerri Chandler’s thriving  Madtech Records label. Generating a successful hype with their free remix of R Kelly’s Bump ‘n’ Grind, the duo’s next EP entitled Be Right There is set to leave another Waze & Odyssey stamp on the scene.

The title track Be Right There, works with a female vocal supported with a fading sample over the foundation of heavy drums underneath, whereas track 2 of the EP Found the Rhythm takes it upbeat with a less subtle vocal sample being used over a 90’s drum pattern. The final track of the EP is a remix of Be Right There from label co-mate Citizen who takes it down a tech-house route giving it a darker feel accompanied with swishing synths.

Waze & Odyssey - Be Right There

The full EP is due for release on the 25th February via Madtech Records, but for now you can stream clips of it below.