Masix’s Release Reviews 28.01.2013

Artist: Ditongo
Title: Gattone
Genre: Nu-disco

Fresh from their success with Salt Lamp in 2012 Ditongo are back with a two track EP by the name of Gattone. The first track titled kikujiro is classic Ditongo, brimming with funk, soul and catchy guitar riffs it’s a real charmer. The second track Gattone is a lot more experimental to their usual work with cut up vocals and less guitar work, a catchy number nonetheless.

Verdict: Definitely in the shadow of previous release ‘salt lamp’ but still well worth a listen. 6/10

Artist: New Jack City
Title: In The Dayz EP
Genre: Deep House

The Dutch duo are back with an outstanding four track EP released on the label ‘music is love’ who also work with artists such as Maxwell and Mikki Funk. The EP is exactly what you would expect from New Jack City, upbeat bouncy house music always with that old school feel to it. The highlight of the EP has to be Gimme That Chance, the gorgeous cut up female vocals turn it from a great track to a brilliant track.

Verdict: A must have for house music lovers. 9/10

Artist: The Right Now
Title: Call Girl
Genre: Disco House

This one’s an interesting remix EP from The Right Now. The EP starts off with the Hot Toddy mix which stays fairly true to the Call Girl original but gives it a bit of a boot into 2013 with some thumping kicks and slightly faster tempo. The highlight for me however, as a house music fan, is the remix by Jkriv who completely reinvents the song into a deep house anthem. With cut up vocals, deep moog like bass and an extra sprinkling of hi-hats for good measure I found myself listening over and over.

Verdict: A solid release and a must have if you’re a fan of the original. Currently only out on 12″. 7/10

Artist: Synkro
Title: Acceptance
Genre: Future Bass/Garage

Released on Apollo Records (the sub-label of R&S) this eight track EP from Synkro is a dream from start to finish. One of the masters of production, tracks on the EP such as Don’t Want and Recognition take you on a far away journey and never has the phrase ‘less is more’ been more apt. Spirals is slightly more up-tempo and more reminiscent of some of his older work while the following track Illuminations sends you back into a glossy eyed day dream.

Verdict: Simply beautiful. Any music fan should be able to appreciate this. 9/10

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