Miguel Puente – Small Proposition EP

Miguel Puente - Small Proposition

After making a name for himself in 2012 with releases such as Something Going On and How We Do, Mexican born and now Barcelona based Miguel Puente continues his good form with this latest EP.

Opening track Small Proposition is all about the massive bassline and effortlessly cool vocal sample. Sparkling synth keys help to give it a slightly retro feel while the breakdown adds a deeper element to the track. Any fans of Miguel Campbell’s hit Something Special will no doubt adore this. The second track Lil Freakyness shares a similar amount of groove but has a much darker feel to it. Chopped up Adina Howard sampled vocals over a thick bassline make for an undeniably catchy track. Last up on the EP is a remix of Small Proposition by Mat.Joe. He smartly chooses to leave the vocal sample untouched while turning the track into a more progressive affair with punchy kicks and deep synths.

A brilliant release with perfect choice of vocal samples in both tracks. I look forward to hearing more from him.