Introducing: Cream Soda

cream soda

Cream Soda, a carbonated drink often flavoured with vanilla and very much enjoyed by citizens of the USA… We’re not talking about that today, this is the introduction of the new producer duo to the scene, Cream Soda.

Based in Moscow, this duo has been pumping out some serious sounds catching the ears of artists such as Bondax, DJ Caspa and XXXY. Cream Soda’s music works a retro 90’s house vibe with bass driven basslines and catchy sample cuts. A perfect example of this is a clip of their latest work Miss Understand.

We are excited to hear more work to come from these guys and have been privileged enough to get hold of some of the latest sounds. Keep an eye out for these boys in our next coming mixes and club nights… Cream Soda, you heard it here first!