Masix’s Release Reviews 11.03.2013

Artist: Nytron & Matera
Title: Saturday Night
Genre: house/disco

Released on PopArt, this three track EP is brimming with originality and funk. The opening track Saturday Night by Nytron is the highlight of the EP with rap vocals over bouncy synths creating the perfect party track. The second track by Nytron & Matera titled Houston is a much deeper and darker affair to begin with, however the track soon progresses into another fun synth driven track. Last up is Memory Flash which boasts one of the coolest and most unexpected drops I’ve heard all year, a definite crowd pleaser.

Verdict: With early support from the likes of Andre Crom and Matt Fear this EP is definitely one worth considering adding to your collection, 7/10.

Artist: Pablo Fierro & Forrest
Title: Marlon Brando/Bring The Night
Genre: Deep house

Pablo Fierro collaborates with Forrest in this lovely two track EP released on Noir music. The first track from Forrest interestingly named Marlon Brando is a real groover, a simple yet funky bass line combines with deep echoing synths and lovely male vocals to produce a really refreshing sound. The other track on the EP from Pablo Fierro titled Bring The Night is another deep low tempo affair that shares some similarities with Robosonic’s hit Worst Love. The French-esque string based breakdown is beautiful and once you are hit by the aggressive pounding kicks the song is completely transformed, brilliant production.

Verdict: A brilliant pair of slow jams, a must have for fans of deep house, 8/10.

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