Yazid Le Voyaguer – Magic Dance (95 Royale Remix)

Yazid Le Voyaguer - Magic Dance (95 Royale Remix)

95 Royale is an artist coming from Brisbane Australia and is someone quite new to our radar.

Previously featured here on STFD in our free downloads section with a track titled shine, we are now following up with a release he has got set for next week. This remix of Yazid Le Voyaguer’s (also new to our radar) Magic Dance boasts a disco house vibe with a French house touch. In comparison to some of our other disco house beats on the site, this remix is rather upbeat and somewhat matching up the style of what disco house producers Solidisco go for in their work.

This remix is set to see a release on March 21st via the Disco Future Records label, have a listen below and see what you think.