Justin Jay – Static/Waves

Justin Jay - Static [Preview]

No surprises that this next release on Dirtybird is going to be a big one! Coming from 20 year old Justin Jay this time delivering one hell of a beat.

The title track of this release, Static, is one of those tracks whereby three years ago you may have been claimed to be pulling a ‘bass face’ once hearing the drop on this track. This preview instantly hits you with a huge bassline which is surely set to make one thing happen, get the crowd going crazy! After the storm, there is always a calm, this comes in the shape of the second track on the release, Waves. Waves reverts back to a traditional Dirtybird vibe, working a sensual melody and showing off some raw production talent.

There will be three release stages for these tracks which can be seen below. We’ll definitely be getting involved as early as possible!

Release Date (DRIP.FM): 4/12/13
Release Date (Beatport): 4/15/13
Release Date (Worldwide): 4/30/13