MK don…


Los Angeles man Marc Kinchen is at it again. . .

Now if ever there was going to a master of remixes it would have to be MK. Not ever happy with producing one remix of a track, more often than not he will produce various edits of tracks almost showing off how remarkably good at it he is. Over the past year he has remixed tracks from the likes of Huxley, Lana Del Ray, Eats Everything and Storm Queen. He also collaborated with Lee Foss to bring everybody ‘Electricity’ which I’m certain by now you’ll all be familiar with. There’s more activity on his Soundcloud than there is on a teenage girls Facebook wall and his past two uploads are some of his finest work to date.

Chris MalinchackSo good to me (MK remix):

When I first saw this uploaded to Soundcloud I winced slightly, it’s exactly the sort of song that I would say should never be remixed. It’s simply so beautiful as it is, however I was also very aware of what MK was capable of doing with songs. To cut to the chase, the remix is a master piece. MK scatters the vocals around perfectly throughout the track and manages to hold on to the feel good euphoric feel of the original whilst adding his classic dub sound to the equation. The brief breakdowns with looped vocals which then continue throughout the track sitting behind the lead vocals provide a great depth to the track. It’s certainly the stand out remix on the ‘So good to me’ remixes EP which is out on the 5th of May.


RhyeOpen (MK remix)

Having always had an appetite of remixing tracks with gorgeous vocals this remix from MK is no exception. The lovely vocals run throughout the majority of the track over the top of a heavy throbbing bassline and bright hats and claps. Towards the end of the track he cuts up the vocals in an irresistibly catchy fashion and adds a gorgeous synth driven breakdown before plunging the listener back into the heart of the song. Unlike the Chris Malinchak remix this has a slightly after dark feel to it, a brilliant remix none the less.


FCLIt’s You (MK remix)

Can I just say at this point that these three remixes were all uploaded onto Soundcloud within the space of five days. Most producers would struggle to produce three tracks of this stature in five months. ‘It’s You’ by FCL is a track that has been remixed by many since its release and none to be honest have done a very good job. Cue MK to do what he does best. He lets the vocals do most of the work and adds a thumping bass and chiming synth keys to make for a simple yet very catchy remix. It’ll be featured on the ‘Defected presents MK in the house’ EP which is dropping on the 21st of April.


Three huge remixes from Marc Kinchen who we look forward to seeing at Everywhere festival on May the 5th alongside a plethora of acts such as Ejeca, Eats Everything, George Fitzgerald and Shadow Child. One not be missed.