The House of Disco reaches one million visitors

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Let’s hope they all wiped their feet

The House of Disco recently celebrated a landmark of one million visitors to their site which is a huge achievement for them and also a hefty pat on the back for Disco music itself. It’s been a massive year for the House of Disco. Their record label has now established itself and is representing huge artists such as Monitor 66 and Finnebassen and they’re being booked to host events all over the country. Label and website founder Dave Magnier takes all credit for this milestone achievement and he celebrated by giving away yet another free download, this one being the gorgeous ‘Keni’ by Edit Murphy. I’m sure there are Disco fans all over the world who rejoice at Magniers generous download a day system and I have no doubt that the amount of visitors to the site will continue to grow as he continues to spread around the world that deep soulful Disco music that we love so very much. He’s thanking us, but I know I speak on behalf of one million visitors when I say that we thank you.