Waifs & Strays all nighter @ The Fountain – 04/04/2013


Bristol house duo Waifs & Strays help to oil the cogs in the Cambridge music scene.

Take it from me as someone who lives in a surrounding area of Cambridge and spends a lot of time there, the majority of stereotypes about the place are very much true. Sure, it’s lovely, the Universities are a delight and when it’s sunny you can go punting down the river. However there’s also enough corduroy around to satisfy an army of supply teachers, more gypsies than there are boat shoes and enough private school girls to fully book every Ski Trip in Europe. It’s certainly not an exciting place to come back to after being at University when nights out in clubs catching up with people you haven’t seen in ages are usually tainted by screaming Rihanna vocals being played out of what sounds like a mid-price range iPod dock.

However, just recently a few things in the Cambridge music scene have started to change. Not only now is there a team of music enthusiasts arranging nights for students to come back to, but they recently teamed up with ‘Take the Whole Cake,’ who are a Manchester based promotions group that help to plan and run nights at the legendary club Sankeys. The two teams combined together to book Waifs & Strays to play in the quaint city of Cambridge at the recently renovated Fountain Inn. Here’s how it went down.

This was certainly one of the most currents acts to have been brought to Cambridge over the past year and there was a great deal of anticipation in the air. Starting off the proceedings was Shut the Front Door resident Masix playing a bass heavy house set featuring the likes of Friend Within and Dusky. Next up was Vandaleur with a flawlessly mixed bouncy house set getting everyone in the mood for Waifs & Strays. Set highlights included ‘Cirrus’ from Bonbo and ‘Here we come’ by Darrius Syrossian & Hector Couto. Although some would say the venue is too small to book big headline acts, it created an intimate vibe reminiscent of Boiler Room sessions and the crowd, void of chavs and gypsies, really packed the place out for a great atmosphere. Up next were Waifs & Strays themselves were sending fists high into the air with original tracks from them such as ‘Love on another’ and the song everybody was waiting to hear ‘Yeah Yeah’. Finishing off proceedings were Set One Twenty residents Alex Street and James Perrin seamlessly mixing current house bangers with nostalgia filled old school classics.

A resounding success of a night and an important step towards cementing a current and relevant music scene into Cambridge.


  • http://www.facebook.com/amelia.watkinson.3 Amelia Watkinson

    Chavs and gyspies? Social prejudices aren’t cool or nice…. also, W&S are only the most “current” act we’ve had in a temporal sense, as in they were the last set of good djs to play in Cambridge. In the last few months we’ve had Applebottom, Eliphino, Thefft, Toyboy&Robin, Peverelist, Metrist, Visionist, My Nu Leng, Shadowchild, Kry Wolf….. keep up.

  • http://www.facebook.com/likegettingshitoutarockinghorse Josh Mason

    I don’t think anyone believes that social prejudices are cool, but they exist and i have mentioned them. Thank you for reinstating my fact about Waifs & Strays being one of the most current DJs with your list of the other current acts along side them, i appreciate it. I’m just glad my piece has evoke a response and i thank you for reading. If the last part sounded sarcastic it wasn’t meant to be.