Isaac Tichauer – Take over you EP

Isaac Tichauer - Take Over You

We are excited to Isaac Tichauer perform later this month in London with our good friends over at Cue Love hosting his welcome.

Back with his second EP titled ’Take over You’, once again the generous French Express man has put it all up for free download. We salute you Isaac.

The first track ‘Take over you’ is the highlight of the EP and is all about the gorgeous vocal sample sat over the top of those thick wedges of bass. It’s vintage Tichauer and reminiscent of some tracks off of his last EP, however the vocals set it apart making it one of his finest productions to date. Next up is ’To fall in love is true,’ a simple yet undeniably catchy track. A really interesting choice of chords for the keys give the track a vintage and almost dreamy feel over the top of the upbeat bassline and elegant looped female vocals. ’Hypersensitive lover’ is a really bouncy number crammed full of groove. A selection of pitched down vocal licks compliment each other through out the track while the squelchy synth chords transform the production into a very funky affair. The next track ’This is trouble’ is much more your straight up house fist pumper but with some really interesting percussion and some lovely breakdowns to tease you back into the body of the track. Last up on the EP is ’Runaway’ which has one of the biggest baselines off the release. The track is a very progressive and layered beautifully from start to finish with the big keys introduced towards the end of the song being the icing on top of an impeccably crafted cake.

As we expected before listening to a single track, another brilliant EP from Isaac Tichauer. The basslines are huge, the vocal samples are genius and each of the tracks are crafted and layered ever so intricately. A joy to listen to from start to finish and further confirmation that French Express are the hottest label out there at the moment.

If this is too much of a tease, then RSVP here to see Isaac Tichauer for yourself on May 31st with Cue Love at The Dukes, London alongside with Copy Paste Soul, Just Kiddin, Panda & more.