Moon Boots Interview

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June 6th sees us host our Summer Closing Party at the Rescue Rooms, bringing in an artist who fully represents the STFD aesthetic as part of the French Express collective led by Leon Oziel aka Perseus  – Moon Boots. Before he makes his way over, we caught up with the Chicago-based artist, receiving some lovely compliments about the UK party scene while we were at it.

How did the name Moon Boots come about?

The name comes from a disco record called Moon Boots by a group called Orlando Riva Sound. It was a track I was listening to a lot when I started this project. I liked the associations of it and felt like I could build a story around it. Using my real name was a bit of a non-starter, as it has the same pronunciation as a certain British musician who’s probably most famous for his rampant drug abuse at this point.

How do you find playing in the UK?

So far I have only played Leeds and that was one of my favourite gigs so far. The crowd was so energetic, screaming along with each song. Just fantastic. It’s quite different to playing in the USA. Things which are somewhat underground in the US are more mainstream in the UK, and vice versa. As for the scene in Nottingham, I heard from JP (Isaac Tichauer), (French Express labelmate who has played both Nottingham and Leeds) that he had an equally great time at both gigs. There’s no doubt in my mind Nottingham will be a fun show for me!

Speaking of Isaac, how did you get involved with the French Express label?

I met Perseus first at a gig I played in Dallas in early 2011. We started to trade music and ideas when the label was still in its early stages. Before long we were talking on the phone nearly every day. He got interested in the demos I was sending him and that’s how things got started for me.

So how often do you get to come together if you are all in separate places?

As often as possible! The most common situation is that I’ll play with Leon but I’ve also done gigs with Jonas (Rathsman) and I’m going to start doing some more gigs with JP now that he lives in Europe. As the label has grown it’s become easier for us to come together. At first, we literally only knew each other over Skype, and we still communicate that way often, but we’ve become good friends through playing together.

French Express created an Essential Mix for BBC Radio 1 at the start of the year. How did that come about? It must have been a proud moment for you.

Well, we learned that Pete Tong was a huge fan of the label – which came as a huge surprise to me! – and he approached Leon. Leon and Jonas each mixed an hour and I absolutely love both halves of the mix. I was massively proud.

Your music tends to carry an R&B influence, is it a genre you’re passionate about?

Yes, definitely. When I think of the term R&B it encompasses so many things. It’s boogie, it’s disco, it’s funk, it’s new jack swing, it’s all over many classic house tracks, it’s tracks that have a gospel feel to them. I love all of that.

Is this the sort of vibe we can expect to hear from you at the STFD Summer Closing Party?

Yes, that’s a big part of it, but I’m also into a lot of club music and pop that doesn’t have much R&B influence. I’ll play my music, music from my friends at French Express, other tracks I love, and try to tie it all together. I know this is going to be the end of the school year for you, so I want the vibe to be fun and celebratory.

We are stoked to have Moon Boots headline our Summer Closing Party on June 6th alongside with bass trio DrDr.