T.E.E.D & Eats Everything – Lion, the Lion (Original/Gerd’s sub-tech mix)


Any of these three artists releasing anything by themselves would be exciting enough, let alone when they’re all involved in the same track. With Teed and Eats Everything having such contrasting sounds we couldn’t wait to hear what they’d come up with.

Well we certainly weren’t disappointed. From the first five seconds of the track the percussion tells you that it’s going to be a very interesting affair and by the time you’re launched into the roaring main body of the track it’s got you by the throat. It’s got a deep, dark techy feel to it that stops and starts with Teeds signature sound surfacing in the regular miniature breaks. It’s two sounds that you would never normally put together or expect to work yet it really does. An absolute smasher of a track unlike much we have heard before, we’ll be keeping our eyes peeled for a release date.