Le Crayon – Give You Up EP

crayon mini mix

Paris based genius Lauren Crayon has a new EP on the way and we’re all rather excited about it here at Shut the Front Door. His collaboration with Darius to produce ‘Alicia’ has been one of our tracks of the year and his recent remix of ‘On my brain’ by Peter & The Magician proved that everything he lays his French fingers on turns a lovely summery shade of gold. This latest EP is certainly no exception.

Opening track ‘Downgraders’ is a real daydream of a track. The atmosphere very gradually grows with tense Holby City style bleeps until you’re hit with warm bouncy synths and some really interesting drum beats that aren’t typical of his usual work. Title and highlight of the EP ‘Give you up’ featuring KLP is Le Crayon at his best. Chiming poppy synths compliment soulful vocals and upfront tropical keys to create a track that oozes summer groove. ‘To the moon’ is a really interesting track with a slight experimental edge to it. Sprinkles of rewind effects and deep echoing spoken vocals the track has almost a hypnotic sound while the deep bass line and guitar chords maintain elements of that classic Le Crayon sound. First up on the remix of ‘Give you up’ is Yuksek who gives the track more of a club friendly feel with a higher tempo and a thick bass line that sits perfectly under the vocals. The Blende remix is a far ‘poppier’ affair brimming with energy, layered retro synth keys and some really lovely chord progressions are thrown into the mix while similarly to the previous remix the vocals are left untouched. Last but by certainly no means least to jump on the remix is Darius. He chooses to strip the track down and tweak the vocals to create a relaxed ambient mood that gently drifts the wide eyed listener along.

A brilliant EP just as we had expected here at Shut the Front Door. ‘Give you up’ might just be one of our favourite ever tracks by him and the remixes are all of a very high standard. Le Crayon, we salute you.

1.Give you up ft KLP

2.Yuksek remix

3.Blende remix

4.Darius remix