DrDr Interview

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Ahead of our Summer Closing Party on June 6th at Rescue Rooms, we caught up with the next headliner on the night, bass trio, DrDr. Excited for their Nottingham debut and to showcase their talents to the STFD crowd, we also found out that we are not the only ones who have an a found love for Moon Boots! Read more below… Read more

Moon Boots Interview

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June 6th sees us host our Summer Closing Party at the Rescue Rooms, bringing in an artist who fully represents the STFD aesthetic as part of the French Express collective led by Leon Oziel aka Perseus  – Moon Boots. Before he makes his way over, we caught up with the Chicago-based artist, receiving some lovely compliments about the UK party scene while we were at it. Read more

Ben Mono

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Ben Mono is an artist who you’re never quite sure what to expect from. He’s produced such a vast range of material over the years, from slow tempo funky synth driven beats to experimental techno. A huge fan of the current UK music scene and artists such as Shadow Child, Huxley, Waze & Odyssey and Bicep, Mono’s latest release ‘The Feel’ EP really sits up there with work from artists like these.

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Nottingham born, turned London resident, Laurence Matthew Blake aka Citizen, is definitely one to look out for in 2013. Being placed as ‘one to watch’ amongst the likes of Disclosure, Karenn and South London Ordnance, we wanted to see what Blake had in store for the year ahead and how he managed to get to where he is now as Citizen.

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Pardon My French


Luke Sutton and Timothy Smith AKA Pardon My French (PMF) are Bristol based DJ’s who have a definitive love for house music, especially when its with a disco edge… As well as running their own night in Bristol, Luke and Tim also have a residency at Kiss FM and have been booked to play at clubs and festivals around the Country. We caught up with the duo to see how they ended their 2012 and what was next in line for them as 2013 comes into play.

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