Mia Dora – You In The Future EP

Mia Dora – You In The Future EP

Kerri Chandlers Mad-Tech records is a label you are only going to hear more of and with recent releases from the likes of Celsius and AZ & Tor, Mia Dora already have the foundations set to be a great success. Read more

Tony Lionni – Take Me With You

tony take me with you

There are some things that happen in life that make you automatically think “something big could happen here” and when one of these occurrences comes from Kerri Chandler debuting your song in a guest mix then you know you have got something special. Read more

Waze & Odyssey – Be Right There


Waze & Odyssey (ones to watch for 2013) will be seeing a new release on Kerri Chandler’s thriving  Madtech Records label. Read more

Elias Tzikas – Hunt Hurt Hearts E.P


Elias Tzikas, a Greek born house music enthusiast who moved to the UK at the youthful age of 17 to study architecture and somehow returned with a Music Technology degree…

Read more